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Jill Clark - Owner

I am very excited to announce the opening of The Corner Office.  It is a dynamic and flexible co-working space designed for you to run your growing or established business, with all the perks of being in a larger office.

It doesn’t matter where we work, just so long as it feeds our creative and productive energy process and helps us keep the clients happy.  The Corner Office strives to be that place for you!

The inspiration for The Corner Office was born out of  two main factors. The first is my personal experience of working from a home office with my husband and some of the challenges that have come with it, as well as my experience as a training consultant and the variety of work environments I encountered over the years:

  • Home offices can be a challenge on the rest of the family who have to agree to “office” rules. 
  • The feeling of never leaving the office
  • An isolated office can be lonely! 
  • Being in an office environment can be refreshing and if you meet like-minded people in similar circumstances, the networking and inspiration opportunities grow.
  • Meeting venues can be expensive and a coffeeshop sometimes isn't appropriate for confidential issues
  • Travel time to work is often an issue when your head office is several traffic jams or even a flight away 

The second factor was to realise we were by no means unique and there was indeed quite demand for a space like The Corner Office.

  • We can provide a variety of work solutions, from a private space, to a desk in an open plan office, whether you want your own desk or just a desk now and then.
  • We can offer a meeting room for confidential meetings and more casual options for those smaller pow-wow’s.
  • In every scenario the environment is friendly, professional and has the amenities you would want in an office.  This without the outlay in the cost of setting one up for yourself. 

Why “The Corner Office”

Well I do believe we all deserve a Corner Office, all of us entrepreneurial spirits are champions and leaders in our own way!

From our research with the local market we believe firmly that work needs to be close to your home – around the corner.  We spend too much of our lives travelling and in this age of great internet connectivity, there is so much we can do with a good connection, great coffee and the odd bit of company from like -minded people who are working in the same way as we are.