Terms & Conditions for all Levels of Membership

Please be sure to read both the General and Membership terms in the tabs on the left of this page.

ALL members need to adhere to these General Terms and Conditions when making use of the office space and facilities supplied by The Corner Office.  All members are also responsible for ensuring that their guests, employees, clients or invitees adhere to these terms and conditions.

  1. Desk Protocols

    1. It is the responsibility of each member to return the desk they are using, particularly in the Open Space, to the original state in which it was found, when that member leaves at the end of each day.

    2. Desks in the Open Space should not be personalised and need to be kept uncluttered.

    3. It is accepted that Light Members who work regularly at The Corner Office tend to gravitate to the same desk, should it be available.  However, there can be no gazumping of occupied hot desks, when vacated for a short period.

    4. Hot desks can be reserved with The Corner Office Team.

    5. If members leave their desks for a short while, they need to lock/log out of their computers/laptops to protect their own security.

    6. All laptops need to be taken home or locked away when members leave the office at the end of each day.

    7. The Corner Office reserves the right to change / upgrade the desks and the configuration of the desks when required.

  2. Noise

    1. Open plan offices can be noisy and members are expected to behave in a manner that minimises this.

    2. Conversations, either on the phone or in person must be kept to a reasonable noise level.

    3. Be considerate over the use of cell phones, particularly for incoming calls where loud, unusual or annoying ringtones are used.  Personal cell phones need to be on silent or vibrate. Do not leave cell phones unattended.

    4. Respect the personal space of other members.

    5. Use designated quiet space where available for confidential conversations.

  3. Housekeeping

    1. There is a kitchen equipped with a fridge, kettle, microwave, snackwich maker and regular cutlery and crockery for the use of members.

    2. Tea, instant and filtered coffee is freely available.  Nespresso coffee is available on a “pay as you use” basis.

    3. Eating at desks should be kept to a minimum and, when eating there, care should be taken to prevent debris accumulating on the desk and its surroundings.

    4. While there is an office staff member who will be cleaning and tidying, all dirty dishes need to be returned to the kitchen and if the staff member has left for the day the relevant member should wash up and clear away crockery, utensils and kitchen dishes to prevent the kitchen becoming an unpleasant place to visit.

  4. Visitors, Casual Meetings & Communal Areas

    1. When receiving visitors please be respectful of other people in the office (see noise guidelines), especially shared communal spaces where fair use is expected.

    2. Ensure that visitors are accompanied at all times.

    3. Communal areas can be accessed by all members at any time.

    4. Communal areas can be used for small casual meetings, but cannot be booked.

    5. For meetings of more than 2 guests and for meetings where confidentiality is important, a boardroom needs to be reserved.  This can be done with The Corner Office Team.

    6. Members may not host more than 2 guests in the communal areas for more than 1 hour per day.

  5. Accessing the Internet

    1. A membership, pass or booking entitles those persons to access high speed internet through our secure wireless network based on a fair use policy.

    2. Our network administrator reserves the right to limit excessive or unusual use of the internet, so as to prevent the other members being affected negatively.

    3. Torrents and any sites of a lewd or illegal nature are prohibited.

    4. Members are supplied with a WIFI code for their use only.

  6. Using the Office Printing Facility

    1. There is an A4 colour office printer which is on the wireless network.  

    2. In order to print, The Corner Office team will need to create a user profile for each member.  Members will also need to install the printer/scanner drivers on their computers, which can be arranged with The Corner Office team.

    3. Only Executive Members can have their own printer in their offices as there simply is not space for private printers in the open office areas and booths.

    4. Printing costs are allocated on a monthly basis and charged to your account in arrears at the rate of R0.50 per mono-print and R2.00 per colour print.

    5. Scanning to email is at no charge.

  7. Queries & Requests

    1. Members need to liaise with The Corner Office team if there is anything they need to clarify, or if there is any added service they would like The Corner Office to provide.

  8. Acknowledgement & Payment

    1. By ticking the terms and conditions section of your application, the proposed member confirms that The Corner Office terms and conditions have been read and accepted by an authorised signatory of the applicant member.

    2. If payment is not made timeously The Corner Office reserves the right to suspend access to The Corner Office, its facilities and the benefits of membership until such time as all arrear amounts have been paid.

    3. One calendar month’s notice, expiring on the last day of the month, is required to express an intention to renew a membership package.

    4. Two calendar months’ notice expiring on the last day of the second month is required to cancel a membership package before the termination date of the contract.

  9. Boardroom/Event Room Allocation & Usage

    1. The Boardroom must be booked and the hours logged in advance with the management of The Corner Office.

    2. The onus is on the members to ensure that their booking request has been received and confirmed.

    3. Bookings in the Event Room are subject to the approval of The Corner Office management.

    4. If a meeting is longer than the booking period, it must be logged with The Corner Office team and the member’s account will be charged accordingly.

    5. If a meeting runs over time and into another booking, the room must be vacated immediately according to the booking schedule.

    6. It is the member’s responsibility to clear the boardroom after use and all cutlery and crockery must be returned to the kitchen, making the room ready for the next meeting.

    7. All members are entitled to a 10% members discount off retail rates for the Boardroom, Event Room and day passes.

    8. All bookings include tea and coffee, as well as high speed WIFI, a professional environment and presentation equipment.

  10. Security

    1. Access tags will allow the members entrance from the main, lounge and courtyard entrances.

    2. The working hours of The Corner Office are:  07h30 to 18h00 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.   

    3. If there is a need to work outside the working hours, arrangements need to be made with The Corner Office team and the security company to ensure security is maintained and the office is alarmed when vacated.

    4. After-hours access may only be granted to Executive or Full Members who are on a 6 month contract or longer.  An indemnity form must also be signed.

  11. Workspaces

    1. Membership fees are due on acceptance of the package and receipt of the membership contract.

    2. If the VOIP add on service for membership is used, setup procedures will be put into motion only on payment of a setup fee plus the first month’s membership fee.

    3. Membership entitles members to enter The Corner Office during office hours (07h30 to 18h00, Monday to Friday).  The Corner Office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

    4. Members will be allocated a workspace or an office for the use of the member or its employees for the duration of the membership period, subject to the relevant membership package.  

    5. All workspaces are equipped with power.

    6. Membership allows the use of the address/location of The Corner Office as the member’s official business address only while the membership is operative and not in arrears. If a membership is cancelled, lapses or is in arrears, The Corner Office reserves the right to revoke and report the unapproved use of the address/location.

    7. The Corner Office reserves the right to conduct credit checks on members when required.

    8. Members may host a maximum of 2 guests in the communal space for a maximum of 1 hour in total per day. Thereafter, guests will need to purchase a Day Pass.

    9. The Corner Office is not responsible for personal effects which include, but are not limited to, laptops, monitors, cell phones and desktop computers.  

    10. While every effort is taken to maintain a secure office by providing access control, a monitored alarm system and an armed response, the Corner Office is not responsible for the safety, security or insurance of personal effects.

    11. There will be a price increase with effect from 1 October each year, the amount of such increase shall be dependent on the annual increase stipulated in The Corner Office lease and other running costs.